Piers Morgan has slammed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in new attack, accusing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of wanting to “create a rival, renegade royal family”.

The former Good Morning Britain co-host flayed the Sussexes for exploiting their titles while trashing the institution, adding: “I don’t think they can have their royal cake and eat it, and I’m going to say that very loudly on my show.”

It came during a wide-ranging interview with daytime host Lorraine Kelly, 62, ahead of his TalkTV show Uncensored launching .

Piers told Lorraine this morning: “Harry’s behaviour continues to be utterly deplorable. This ludicrous statement that he is protecting the Queen – really, mate?

“You quit the county, you quit the British people, you are now proud of saying you live in America with a new life. Good luck to you.

“But you are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex still – titles afforded to you by the Queen, by the monarchy.

“All you do is trash the Royal Family, trash your brother, trash your dad, trash the monarchy. I’m sorry, but people are allowed to stand up for the Royals. I will stand up for the Royals.”

“I think they want to create a rival, renegade Royal Family. They are making hundreds of millions of dollars exploiting the Royal titles from an institution they keep trashing.”

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