April 16 is going to be a day when you’ll witness the beauty of the Moon to its fullest. This year, the full Moon of April is special as the biggest and brightest Moon of the year is all set to bless the sky with its mesmerising beauty. On April 16, the ‘pink Moon’ will appear on the day of the full Moon shining at its peak at 12.15 am on April 17.

Interestingly, this time the pink Moon will be visible the whole weekend making it even more spectacular. As per the Hindu calendar, the day will also be marked as the auspicious Hanuman Jayanti. In case you are wondering, what is so fascinating about ‘pink Moon’, then let us give you all the details below.

What is Pink Moon?

Pink Moon is not what you are thinking, it is not pink in colour, and appears orangish. The full Moon of spring got its name from an eastern US plant, moss phlox, which is also known as herb moss pink. In Northern America, the springtime brings with it many pink wildflowers which spread across horizons. Due to this reason, the full Moon got its name. The Pink Moon is also known by other names such as ‘Sprouting Grass Moon’, ‘Growing Moon’, ‘Fish Moon’ and ‘Hare Moon’.

Why is it called supermoon?

The yearly pink Moon is also said to be a supermoon, which means it comes a little bit closer to the Earth while orbiting during this time. This makes it look bigger and brighter, making it a supermoon.

Will the pink Moon be visible in India?

Yes, this year, India will be able to see the bright Moon illuminating the sky. According to NASA, the sun will be visible till Monday morning.

When and how to watch the Pink Moon?

The supermoon will be visible with bare eyes in many parts of the world. The best time to watch the Pink Moon is the time of Moonrise when it’ll appear the biggest in size. However, as per NASA, the Moon will appear the brightest on April 17 at 12.15 am.

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