It’s rare that when I sit down to pen down a review I start remembering and craving for the food that I ate. POP THAI  is one of the very few places that won my heart with great food. Drawing inspiration from 1970s Bangkok, the deconstructed menu presents authentic Thai flavours in a pop avatar with a riff of modern Asian techniques. POP THAI is the brainchild of Computer Scientist-turned-Restaurateur, Pratinav Meera Pratap Singh, under the company House of Chi Hospitality. A deep rooted love for Thai food and its culture lead to the birth of POP THAI.  

I kicked off my meal with Midnight Chilli Oil Chicken dimsums and got a bang in every bite. Succulent, juicy chicken flanked by some robust sauces, tinged with just the right amount of chilli made for the perfect appetisers. Harbouring a certain fetish for prawns, Grilled Kaffir Lime Gyoza was perfect to whet my cravings. The prawns were perfectly cooked, were moist and soft, and were teeming with good taste. Another prawn dish that enticed me was Pop Prawn Donuts – a never-seen-before avatar of prawns in the form of donuts! Crunchy and mildly flavoured, the savoury donuts worked up my appetite for more.

Midnight Chilli Oil Chicken


Pop Prawn Donuts

For the Mains, I first had Pop Chicken Sliders. Amid the amazing spread I found this one to a bit bland for my taste. I felt it could do better with some striking flavours and sauces. But Pop Pad Thai Noodles proved to be quite a treat for my taste buds again. Pinging with refreshing flavours, these noodles are a must-try. I ended my meal with Layered Black Rice Pudding, which was not too sweet and had a distinct nutty hint that fit well with my palate. 


Pop Chicken Sliders

Did you notice how all the meals are prefixed with POP? The name does justice to the dishes as they pop out bag of flavours in the mouth.

Next time you crave for some Thai food, you don’t need to keep scrolling on your phone to search for options. Just order in from POP THAI. 

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