Prince Harry accused of ‘skewering Firm in a thousand ways’: report

Prince Harry is under fire for trying to “skewer the Frim a thousand ways” with his accusations.

This claim has been made by journalist Celia Walden in a column for the Telegraph.

She wrote, “Let’s take stock of who has so far been nailed on his Dartboard of Displeasure.”

“Harry’s skewered The Firm in a thousand different ways including, seemingly, his own father and brother.”

“Apparently it wasn’t just ‘his truth’ he felt the need to share with Oprah, but theirs.”

“And as he told the NBC Today show last month, Harry only dropped in on his grandmother en route to the Invictus games to ensure that she was ‘protected’ and had the ‘right people around her’.”

“If the inference wasn’t clear enough, Harry then refused to answer host Hoda Kotb when asked: ‘Do you miss your brother or your dad?’”

“A straightforward ‘yes’ would have sufficed. Doesn’t even have to be true. It’s called diplomacy.”

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