Prince Harry explains true inspiration behind decision to leave the army before any ‘major injury

Prince Harry reveals his reasons behind his Army discharge, and why he chose to walk away before getting ‘any serious injuries.

The royal shared his motives in a candid interview with People magazine.

He started off by explaining, “Being a dad certainly adds another emotional layer to it.”

“When I was in the Army, I promised myself I would be out before having a wife and kids because I couldn’t imagine the heartache of being apart for so long during deployment, the risk of possibly getting injured, and the reality that my family’s lives could be changed forever if that happened.”

He also went on to reference, “Every member of the Invictus community has experienced varying degrees of these things. I have tremendous respect for what they and their families sacrifice in the name of service.”

Due to this, “There is nowhere you can feel more embraced and supported than with the Invictus family,” he says. “The Toronto Games were our first time out and about publicly in an official way. We were dating at the time, so it was a lot to take in, but fortunately, we were with the perfect community for that.

Before concluding he added, “I had always wanted to share these incredible moments with someone special, and to have Meg by my side means everything.”

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