Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are under fire for trying to ‘enforce royal rules’ and ‘threatening’ reporters who dare ‘ask any questions.

This claim has been made by royal reporter Richard Palmer, in his interview with host Pandora Forsyth.

He was quoted saying, “He [Harry] is pretty media savvy in that sense. It’s quite interesting, actually, I was talking to a few people who were out in The Hauge for the Invictus Games, where this particular interview [Harry’s NBC Today interview] was given.”

“Even though they [the Sussexes] are no longer working members of the Royal Family, both Harry and Meghan were trying to still enforce the rules and engagements that exist between the media and the Palace when members of the Royal Family go out on official engagements.”

“You know, like a Dutch journalist was telling me that they were essentially told if you start asking questions of them then, you know, you’ll be thrown out. I just don’t know what they expect people to behave like that.”

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