Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have come under fire for trying to ‘ramp up the drama’ for the sake of their Netflix crew.

This claim has been made by body language expert Judi James in her latest interview with MailOnline.

Of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s behaviour, she was quoted saying, “As any reality star knows, it’s impossible to be followed closely by a camera crew without being aware of your body language responses and may be ramping up the drama consciously or subconsciously as you internally analyse how each scene is going to look in the final production.”

“Emotions need to be visible and clearly translatable as you record your performance, which can often lead to overplayed or overkill rituals.”

“Meghan looks pitch-perfect for her body language messaging here though, showing congruent excitement, delight and enthusiasm as she responds to the sports she is watching.”

“She and Harry have one powerful moment of mirrored responses when they are watching the driving and both go open-mouthed with shock, with both mouths rounded into an identical ‘oh’ of surprise that captures one special experience.”

“Even their mirrored shades define the shot to perfection as we can see what they are watching at the same time as we see their responses.”

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