Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s imminent return to the UK for the Queen’s Jubilee is reportedly only for show so that the couple don’t lost multi-million-dollar deal with Netflix, according to a royal expert.

Angela Levin, a longtime royal commentator, told The Daily Mail that the Sussexes upcoming UK trip could merely be a chance to ‘satisfy’ their $100million deal with Netflix, especially after they confirmed an ‘at-home’ style docuseries for the streaming giant recently.

According to Levin: “Netflix could insist on them being there – and they are now probably not in a position to say no because they might get dropped completely.”

She continued: “Harry and Meghan have shown they love the limelight and attention, and will want to show the world they are still part of the Royal Family, especially as their popularity in the US is plummeting.”

Levin further claimed that the US audience are now starting to pick up on the idea that Harry and Meghan “use their royal links for fame and fortune while doing interviews with US TV having a pop at Harry’s family.”

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