Experts believe Prince Harry made ‘right people comment’ about Queen, in order to protect Meghan Markle from the Firm’s ‘lacerations’.

This revelation has been made by Reputation Management Consultants chairman, Eric Schiffer.

He proposed Prince Harry’s comments about the Queen needing to be surrounded by “the right people” was a thinly veiled swipe, and warning, at royal staff “trying to create lacerations to his and Meghan’s brand.”

He was quoted telling Newsweek, “His desire to call out those close to the Queen who is not serving her is a direct shot at Buckingham Palace advisors and those that he may see as trying to create lacerations to his and Meghan’s brand.”

He added it “was again a boundary that he wanted to put in place,” because he “felt strongly about” becoming a brand that appeals to “Americans [since they] like figures who are going to take a stand.”

Mr Schiffer also added, “In this case, he’s pushing back because he’s saying it’s interfering with his ability to connect and relate to his family.”

“That, I think, will serve him and certainly his relationship with the Queen,” Mr Schiffer concluded by saying. 

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