Prince Harry’s lost ‘all sense of service’ to UK since Prince Philip Memorial snub

Prince Harry has come under fire and has been accused of having lost ‘all sense of duty and service’ to the Royal Family.

This revelation has been made by GB News presenter Calvin Robinson, in one of his interviews with Sky News Australia.

When discussing the Sussex’s memorial snub Mr Robinson admitted, “They should have been there to support her [the Queen].”

“Not only that but because it’s his grandmother and it’s the loss of his grandfather,” he also added.

In the eyes of the expert Prince Harry seems to have “lost all sense of service and duty and obligation to his family but also to the nation to our wider community of the Commonwealth.”

When referencing his decision to attend other events within the same time frame Mr Robinson noted, “just says everything doesn’t it.”

“He’s willing to align himself with singers and celebrity culture but he cannot go home to mourn the loss of a loved national figure.”

At the end of the day, “It really is sad because you would just think he would be there for the Queen at the very least.”

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