Prince Harry’s planning memoir halt after seeing ‘weak, frail’ Queen face-to-face

Royal experts break down the possibility of Prince Harry ‘pushing his memoir’ back for Queen Elizabeth’s sake.

This possibility has been addressed by royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams.

According to The Sun, he was quoted saying, “It is very important that this happened, and hopefully it will be seen as being productive.”

“Harry’s memoir is coming, but memoirs can always be put back. It is very possible that some agreement was decided for the book.”

“Harry last saw the Queen at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral and Meghan hasn’t seen her, that we know of, since they detonated nuclear by stepping down as working royals, so this could certainly be a peace summit. Relations have hit rock bottom and it has not been an easy period for the royals, particularly as the Queen is not in good health.”

“But the family likely would simply have wanted to make Harry and Meghan feel at ease. And if they felt so, they could certainly come out for the Jubilee. This trip has certainly made that clear.”

Regardless, Mr Fitzwilliams believes, “You would need a crystal ball to predict what they will do next.”

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