Queen Elizabeth is expected to present Prince William with a special promotion on Tuesday, his milestone 40th birthday, reported Express UK.

As per reports, the Duke of Cambridge could ring in his 40th birthday with a new military appointment reserved for senior members of the Royal Family.

According to traditional royal protocol, senior members of the royal family are understood to be military members and can receive promotions as they grow older, especially on milestone birthdays, like William’s 40th.

The most recent example quoted by Express UK is of the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, who was promoted to the roles of General and Air Chief Marshall, by the Army and Royal Air Force, in 2020 for her 70th birthday.

Prince William’s own father, Prince Charles, received the titles of Admiral, General and Air Chief Marshall in 2006 for his 58th birthday.

As for William himself, he currently has four honorary military appointments in the UK.

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