Princess Anne, the Queen’s only daughter, unveiled an extremely precious table made from ancient oak wood specially for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, reported BBC.

The Princess Royal paid a special visit to the Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire for the unveiling of the table, which measures 13m (43ft) and is made out of centuries old black oak that is now regarded as a national treasure.

According to the outlet, the wood for the table was carved from the trunk of a giant Fenland black oak that was found buried and preserved in a field in Norfolk in 2012; it took specialists around 10 years to create the table.

BBC also noted: “Thousands of years ago the East Anglian Fens was densely forested by large oak trees which, due to rising seas, fell into the silt of the flooded forest floor and were preserved in the peat.”

The extremely special furniture piece was dedicated to the Queen by the Dean of Ely, who said: “We feel very honoured to be the first venue to host it, in this her Platinum Jubilee year.” 

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