Princess Diana protected young Prince Harry from ‘damaging nickname’

Princess Diana protected her kids, Prince Harry and Prince William from the brutalities of their royal fate.

An unspoken rule of “heir and spare” is prominent in the UK royal family, where the second born is always secondary to the firstborn. Diana ensured that her young son Harry does not fall prey to the discrepancies.

Discussing the Duke of Sussex’s “damaging nickname”, expert Omid Scobie spoke to Dynasty’s hosts Katie Nicholl and Erin Vanderhoof, Mr Scobie said: “I wouldn’t wish growing up as a child and being called ‘the spare’ on anyone.

“I think that that is quite damaging.

“[especially if] you think how early the press started calling him ‘the spare heir’.

I think that was quite unfair”.

He added: “I think that Diana really tried to shield him from that or ever really feeling like that within the institution”.

Ms Nicholl said: “Harry grew up in a very unique position.

“People all over the country would recognise his face, as much as they would his brother’s [Prince William] but he [Harry] would never be heir to the throne”.

Ms Nicholl noted that [being a spare] “doesn’t come with a job description and Harry’s had to make it up as he has gone along”.

Harry eventually quit his royal duties in 2020 alongside wife Meghan Markle. The couple now live a life away from royal protocol in Montecito, California.

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