Demonstrators take part in a Black Lives Matter protest in London, Britain, July 12, 2020. — Reuters
  • Reportedly, incident occurs around 4:00am when black student was asleep.
  • Multiple protests break out at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.
  • University condemns incident and suspends perpetrator. 

A video clip from Stellenbosch University in South Africa that shows a white student urinating over a black student’s belongings has enraged many in the country, reported Africa News.

According to the student union of the varsity, the incident occurred on May 15, around 04:00am when the black student was asleep in his room.

In the video circulating on social media, the off-camera student asks “why are you peeing in my room?” to which the brown-haired white boy callously replied: “I’m waiting for someone”.

The university condemned the incident saying it was “destructive, hurtful, and racist” and suspended the perpetrator. 

The Congress of South African Students said in a statement that the racist boy had allegedly said “this is what we do to black boys” when asked what he was doing.

“We are appalled by this behaviour,” Vice President of the university Wim de Villiers stated. “No student has the right to violate dignity or rights of another student this way.”

There was an uproar at the campus and multiple protests broke out in which students from all races participated.

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