Rihanna struggles to ‘remain calm’ over A$AP Rocky’s arrest since baby’s due ‘any second now’

Sources claim Rihanna’s been feeling ‘nervous and anxious’ in the last leg of her pregnancy over A$AP Rocky’s arrest.

According to findings by HollywoodLife “Rihanna doesn’t know what to feel right now.”

“She was completely shocked when they were approached by law enforcement. Rihanna never imagined she’d be involved with something like this and especially not with her pregnancy and everything else going on.”

“Rihanna was absolutely not expecting for things to go down how they did, and this is really the last thing she needs right now.”

Nevertheless, “She’s trying to focus on remaining calm, happy, and positive, but this threw her for a loop.”

“All she can really do is support him emotionally and other than that, she wants to continue focusing on her health and happiness.”

“She knows that the only way to do this is to face it head-on,” the insider added.

“Of course, she is upset about it, but she has a really strong support system around her between her friends and all her family in Barbados. She knows that, in the end, everything will be okay.”

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