Sandra Bullock has been celebrating a whirlwind romance with her boyfriend of six years Bryan Randall, but the actor is reportedly hesitating to walk down the aisle with her beau.

The Lost City actor, who was previously cheated on by her ex-husband Jesse James, gets ‘cold feet’ when discussing marriage with the photographer.

According to OK!, an insider recently shared that Randall has been thoughtful of her failed marriage but he’s started to get anxious about their relationship.

“For years, Bryan hasn’t wanted to push too hard because he knows her last marriage ended so badly,” the outlet quoted its source.

“Bryan’s proven he’s never going to betray Sandra,” stated the source. “So he takes it personally that she won’t take that next step with him.”

However, the insider hinted that Bullock can be “very stubborn, and the more he pushes, the more she shuts down.”

“There’s no doubt she loves Bryan and wants to spend forever with him, but she’s also very independent and doesn’t want to be forced into anything,” the source added.

Moreover, reports also reveal that  Randall doesn’t think they need prenup “but Sandra thinks it’s necessary and wants to protect what’s hers.”

“It’s turning Sandra off to the idea of ever getting married again!” added the source.

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