For quite some time, it has been found that Sonamarg Development Authority (SDA) has not been functioning in the way and direction expected and in fact has rendered it to be categorised as malfunctioning. Should it be found wanting in taking initiatives in respect of various development works and seen huge funds kept at its disposal getting squandered . Should it be found doing nothing and virtually allowing large chunks of land with prime market value to be encroached upon and illegally being in possession of some ”influential” persons? The issue of demarcation work on Sindh Nallah having been settled and 258 kanals of land found encroached upon continues to be in a state of uncertainty as to which concrete measures were taken to retrieve this land which has been seriously viewed by the Bench of the High Court which has found no demarcation of the identified land made nor any boundary pillars erected .
The Bench, therefore, has directed the Assistant Attorney General to come up with a fresh ”better” affidavit about which cogent steps were taken in retrieving the land . Not only that the court has asked the SDA to come up with a white paper in respect of what developmental works have been taken up by it . The Court has therefore not only expressed its displeasure over no action taken over the encroachments but no headway having been made by the SDA in respect of the developmental works and hence opined the alternative to be its recommending for winding up of the SDA as feeding “white elephants” at the expense of public money could not be allowed. So either perform or wind up but do not feign performing is the crux of the court’s considered observations.

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