Isn’t it just so inspiring to see someone beat the odds? Life provides us with numerous obstacles on a daily basis. While we struggle to deal with them and come over the odds, we do need motivation and inspiration from the world! It is the reason why we always want the underdog to achieve success, the turtle to win the race and beat the rabbit! We found a video on the internet that’ll motivate you into working hard toward your dreams. A specially-abled man has been running a pav bhaji stall on the streets and the heart-warming video has moved people on the internet. Take a look:

The man in the video, Mitesh Gupta, had lost his arm in a tragic accident a few years ago. Despite his disability, the man has been passionately selling street food in the Malad area of Mumbai. In the video, we see how the specially-abled man manages his food stall. We get a glimpse of how the man makes pav bhaji using one hand. It is a marvel to see the way he works. He chops vegetables by clutching the knife in his armpit while using his hand to chop the vegetables. With just one hand, he makes the pav bhaji from scratch and it is quite inspiring to see the gusto he works with. The man wishes to have his own restaurant one day!

The video was shared by IAS officer Sonal Goel on Twitter and it has 37.7k views, 2.7k likes and over 400 retweets.

Here is what people tweeted about this video:

It is just so inspiring to see that this man didn’t let his circumstance get to him, rather he took his future into his own hands and started working towards it by running a pav bhaji stall.

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