Summer is here and so is the time to indulge in all things cool and comforting – ice cream being a popular choice for all. Ice cream is all about nostalgia. It instantly takes us back to the childhood days of summer when we used to eagerly wait for the ice-cream carts to pass by our locality. Catering to that very emotion of their patrons, milkshake brand Keventers recently launched three new flavours of ice creams. The flavours of ice creams include Tutti Frutti, Tiramisu, and Cookies & Cream, which comes in 100ml and 450ml packs.

Speaking about the addition of new flavours to their menu, Agastya Dalmia, founder and CEO at Keventers explained, “At Keventers, customer satisfaction is our top most priority. We have received great response from our consumers so far and we hope these ice cream flavours will be a new delight for them. This year we have planned to expand our product portfolio and make it a great success. We are redefining the dessert experience and staying true to the legacy of our brand.”

He further went on to explain the flavour profile of the newly launched ice creams. The tutti frutti flavoured ice cream has toppings of jelly cubes and cashew nuts for the added crunch. While, cookies and cream ice cream is rich, creamy and dense, creating a perfect balance of flavours on our palate. Besides, it comes with cookie crumbles stuffed inside. Then there is tiramisu ice cream, creating a perfect blend of coffee and dessert for all.

Sounds delicious; isn’t it? Let us know which flavour of ice cream you would want to try first.

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