Love Japanese cuisine? Here we found the right place for you to explore. It’s the Harajuku Tokyo Cafe in the national capital. A Japanese-inspired QSR brand, Harajuku Tokyo Cafe offers an Insta-worthy ambience and delicious foods. In fact, the interior, music and foods at the restaurant will instantly transcend you to the streets of Japan. After its successful run at Select CityWalk, New Delhi, the Japanese-inspired QSR brand launched its second restaurant in Gurugram. And we recently decided to stop by at the new outlet for a quick meal.


Spread across 2400sq ft., this 50-seater restaurant is nestled inside Gurugram’s Ambience Mall. The very first thing that strikes as you enter Harajuku Tokyo Café is it’s vibrant colour scheme. Much like its first outlet at the Select CityWalk, Harajuku Tokyo Café, Gurgaon has a white-and-pink colour scheme, with bright neon lights making the space look quaint and charming. The next thing that grabbed our eyeballs at this particular outlet are the open freshly-baked bread and dessert sections. From delicious puffs, sourdough to the classic Japanese cheesecake, you get to see it all, further increasing our appetite. So, without further ado, we grabbed out seats and ordered our meal.

Food and Drinks:

Before kick-starting the meal, we ordered their signature cup of mocha that comes with complementary kawaii cookies and marshmallows. The beverage (with cookies and marshmallow) looks just so pretty.

For starters, we went for a plate of classic chicken gyoza, which basically are dumplings, juicy on the inside and has a crispy brown outer coating. Then we went for the teriyaki chicken baos, which we must say, was cooked to perfection! While the chicken pieces were perfectly grilled and tossed in teriyaki sauce, the baos had that right amount of softness to it. And finally, we went for the popular shrimp dynamite (or prawn cocktail), which is shrimp tempura tossed in in-house dynamite sauce. It was oh-so-delicious!

Moving on, we ordered two plates of sushi rolls – truffle tempura rolls and salmon inside out rolls. The truffle tempura sushi rolls had enoki tempura and was topped with in-house truffle mayo; while the salmon inside out rolls included fresh cuts of salmon, crunchy cucumber and spicy mayo for added flavours.


In a Japanese restaurant, how can we miss trying the classic bento bowl?! Here, we went for the quintessential chicken katsu curry that came with a hearty serving of sticky rice with fried chicken tossed in Japanese curry sauce. And yes, the flavours of the sauce were on point!


Finally, after such an elaborate meal, we decided to call it a day with Harajuku’s signature jiggly Japanese pancakes. While sauce options for the pancakes were many, we went for the classic tiramisu. As the name says, these stacks of pancakes are soft, fluffy and melts in mouth in no time. Besides, it was topped with delicious tiramisu sauce, with a soft serving of ice-cream. Already slurping?!

So, what are you waiting for? Make your date and meal plans Harajuku Tokyo Café this weekend and enjoy! And yes, don’t forget to tag us in your pictures from the insta-worthy Harajuku Tokyo Cafe, Gurgaon.

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