When asked how safe the oversized onesies are for young children, Xie explained that safety was a key consideration when designing the onesies.

“Firstly, the cut of the onesie is crucial. We sampled multiple times to get the right proportions especially at the neck and thigh openings. Achieving the right proportions for these openings allow the baby to feel snug despite the looser body fit. While roomier than the usual onesies, our designs are not overly baggy to ensure safety,” she said.

The material is also very important and Young by Graye’s range is made of cupro cotton blend with lycra that gives the fabric a supple drape and stretch. The choice of fabric ensures that the onesies are easy to get in and out while also feeling smooth and comfortable on the skin.

The slightly roomier fit of their onesies also allows them to be easily redesigned into children’s tees. “The bottom part of the onesie is cut off and the hem is professionally finished,” said Xie.

As part of the brand’s complimentary service to encourage sustainable living, parents can drop off their child’s onesie pieces at the lab store with any special instructions they may have on the alteration. Embellishments such as patchworks and prints, ranging from S$0.50 to S$5, can be added to customise the altered piece to fit the child’s personality. In no time, what was once a garment that a child has outgrown becomes a new personalised tee for the growing child.

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