Tattoo-enthusiast Soren Lorenson gets married.—Instagram/@333neondemon

A man who is proud of having more than 200 tattoos on his body recently got married and shared the news with his fans.

Soren Lorenson, who names himself the Neon Demon, shared photo with his wife, Kailey, on Instagram.

“I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it,” Lorenson wrote in the post.

Lorenson, being highly enthusiastic about tattoos has spent over $50,000 on tattoo art, NDTV reported. He said his family had disowned him due to his extreme behavior.

“My entire extended family hates my tattoos and makes no effort to ever talk to me or reach out ever since I first got my face done,” he told the Daily Star.

“My parents love me and support me but they have told me multiple times that I need to pray for god’s help and that they cannot understand me,” he added.

Lorenson’s fans, however, have been very supportive.

A user commented, “Your beautiful boy turned into a married man.”

Both husband and wife wore black casual clothes on their wedding day with Lorenson’s hoodie saying “Humans Are Garbage”.

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