With the busy life, we often don’t get enough time to spend with our friends. Even if we do save out a few hours after work, the most we do is sit somewhere and have some drinks and food. Life has become quite predictable and needless to say, boring, as the charm that one used to have during the college days has kind of lost somewhere. However, it is not difficult to relive those days and bring out the fun side of you and your friends. If you too want to ditch the boring evening plans and do something out of the box, then next time you plan a get together with your friends, do these quirky activities.

Plan a game night

If you and your friends love video games, then just invite them over, collect some snacks and have a fun game night. This will bring out the competitive side of you and the old memories when you used to play video games by bunking classes.

Attend a stand-up comedy show

What’s a better way to treat yourself than a big laugh. There are numerous stand-up comedy shows that happen in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Indore every day. Just book your tickets and enjoy the laughter stroke by sitting in the audience. And who knows you take home some of the best memories.

Terrace barbeque

If you have a home with a good terrace, then you can set up an in house barbeque. Cook, talk, drink and enjoy the quality time under the stars with the best company of your life.

Binge-watch night

Why watch your favourite show alone when you can enjoy it with your friends, this way you’ll also save yourself from spoilers. It’ll not only increase the fun of watching the show but will make your night even more memorable.

Spa session

After a tiring day, this relaxing idea will rejuvenate you and will bring in new energy in yourself. Book a spa session for yourself and your friend and just take out the stress by having a good massage.

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