No matter the season or time, pakodas are the one thing that we can relish any day. Be it on a hot day, or when rain is pouring down or even when the chilly winter winds take a blow – pakodas are perfect throughout the year. Plus, when paired with chai, it becomes even more indulgent. Till now, we are sure that you must have had the basic aloo, pyaaz, gobhi and more pakodas. But have you ever wished to relish the goodness of two pakodas in one?! Won’t that be really delicious to have?! Well, if just reading about something like this makes you salivate, we bring you a recipe of aloo paneer pakoda that you must try! Now we know that aloo and paneer pakodas are two different things. However, when mixed together, this recipe will for sure leave you drooling.

You can make these pakodas as snacks when hunger strikes at odd hours. Or you can even serve them when guests arrive. The best part about these pakodas is that it hardly takes any time to cook. Once you make it, prepare a side of spicy chutney and Kadak chai with it! Check out the full recipe of this aloo paneer pakoda below.

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Aloo Paneer Pakora is a delightful snack no one can resist.

Aloo Paneer Pakoda Recipe: Here’s How To Make Aloo Paneer Pakoda

First, take paneer and cut it into thick slices. Keep it aside. Now take mashed potatoes and mix them with red chilli powder, salt, pepper and chaat masala. Combine it all well. Then once the mashed potato mix is ready, take some of it and cover the paneer with it.

Mix some besan, salt and water in a bowl. Dip the aloo paneer mix in it and fry till crisp and brown. Once done, take it out, cut it from the middle and serve!

For the full recipe of this aloo paneer pakoda, click here.

Try out this yummy and new pakoda recipe! Let us know how it turned out for you!

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