Johnny Depp has been with a handful of famous women- but he formed the ultimate power couple when he started seeing Kate Moss.

The 48-year-old model, who has a romantic history with Depp, is expected to testify via a video link on Wednesday and is reportedly still on good terms with her ex-boyfriend.

They were often spotted packing on the PDA on romantic trips around the world or attending glamorous events at each other’s side.

Getting an interview with the ‘it’ couple was incredibly difficult, so bosses on The Big Breakfast were thrilled when Johnny made a surprise appearance on their TV show with his girlfriend in 1995.

Have a look:

But attention quickly turned to their relationship, with Gaby asking about people’s “obsession” with him and “women falling at your feet”.

Depp claimed the paparazzi were “similar to mosquitoes” before they were asked whether their romance being so public was frustrating.

“They don’t reall know anything, they just assume,” said Kate, before Johnny added: “It makes for good fiction. They write some really interesting stories.”

Things then turned slightly awkward after the marriage mention, with Gaby then asking if it was harder to keep their relationship going while being in the public eye.

A shake of the head and a resounding “no” came immediately from Kate, while Johnny gave an awkwardly long pause.

Unable to hold it in, Depp laughed and turned to the side while a taken aback Moss asked: “Johnny?”

“No, no, no,” he then said as Kate gave a nervous giggle and the topic of conversation was changed to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s tattoos.

Unfortunately, the pair didn’t stand the test of time as their romance came to an end just a couple of years later in 1997.

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