A popular festival in India, Akshaya Tritiya, marks the arrival of spring for the Hindus and Jains. It is seen as an auspicious time that signifies “the third day of unending prosperity”. It symbolizes immense prosperity, hope, joy, and success in the Hindu calendar and it is celebrated widely in the country.

Many Gods and other auspicious events are associated with this day making it even more special. Any new ventures, weddings, businesses, inaugurations, etc, if embarked on this day, are known to be sacred and are predicted to prosper.

Why consider buying gold this Akshaya Tritiya?

Gold is considered to be very auspicious among Indians and Hindus as it symbolizes the presence of Goddess Lakshmi. People buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya as a marker of good wealth and fortune along with receiving the blessings of the Goddess of Wealth. This precious metal holds a special place in the hearts of many women owing to its properties, charm, looks, piety, etc. Purchasing gold or ornaments in gold on a holy occasion like Akshaya Tritiya would only add to these aspects

Trendy Jewellery ideas this Akshaya Tritiya

Celebrations need not always come with reasons but when they are coupled with a reason it only amps up our shopping thirsts. This Akshaya Tritiya make sure you buy bling that top the trends, contemporary and highly usable given the reopening of offices

In gold ornaments, here are a few items from the exhaustive list of trending items that you can choose from:

  • Rings – The easiest piece to adorn to look your fashionable best would be a ring. On auspicious occasions as well, these are one category of ornaments that have a vibe that would instantly attract the onlooker. A simple gold ring on the finger can move mountains regarding the overall look and feel of a woman wearing it.
  • Necklace – A gold necklace provides the much-needed sacred feeling once worn. It can glam up the look along with adding the touch of ethnicity that such occasions crave. A simple necklace or a layered one, each of these can raise the bar high enough. The glimmer of gold peeking out from the neckline is what you need!
  • Earrings – The perfect pair of trendy gold earrings can be added to your Akshaya Tritiya outfit. You do not have to worry about ways to style these as earrings can go well with anything. Depending on how you celebrate or whether you wear a saree or a kurti, earrings can go over anything. Choose among the plethora of designs, lengths, colors, gemstones, etc.
  • Bangles – The mark of auspiciousness used to be gold bangles. These gold bangles in this collection will leave you wanting more. The perfect pieces to wear on sacred occasions, bangles add the right amount of style and beauty. Choose pieces with diamonds embedded or choose plain gold bands – any of the selected pieces will give you exactly what you need.

Stunning jewellery designs – Traditions can be decorated with trends. That is the new ‘in’ thing in today’s modern times. This festive season, you can make sure to get the best of both worlds of ethnicity and chicness with the collection at Melorra. The collection in gold will leave you in awe and will fill your jewellery boxes with the best, latest, and most fashionable pieces available in the market. You can also opt for fusion wear as you can find an assortment of gold jewellery collections with embedded gemstones. The different and attractive colors with a striking look and feel – what else could you ask for?

Adorn the most amazing collection of gold jewellery for this festive occasion and ensure that you look and feel your best. Find what you need all under one roof and enjoy your shopping experience to the fullest.

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