Mini bullet train serves food.—Screengrab via Instagram/@earthlocus

With robots taking over many jobs, a video shows a robot train serving food at a restaurant, but this time its a different type of machine. 

The video shows a mini bullet train moving around the dining table, delivering customers’ orders on their seats. 

The clip shows a large table around which customers are seated. A small bullet train moves on the table via a track laid out for it. The train stops in front of the customer who then stands up to take his food.

A carrier trails behind the train which carries the food. When the food is loaded off, the train takes a U-turn towards the waiters.

The video has garnered more than 700,000 views and over 73,000 likes.

Netizens were divided with some being amused by the idea and encouraging automation and others being haunted by it.

A user wrote: “Honestly speaking, this level of automation haunts me. It feels much better to be served by a person.”

“Wow fantastic restaurant,” said another.

Another user pointed out even though it might not be exactly advantageous, the idea is fun. 

They commented: “Kills jobs but at the same time the thought of getting my food served to me via a little train makes my monkey brain go ooh ooh ah ah.”

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