Man in Kazakhstan saves a three-year-old girl from falling from a height of at least 100-feet. — Screengrab from Twitter/@akakakakakjy
  • Man risks life to save toddler falling from eighth floor of building.
  • Kid uses cushions and toys to climb out of window.
  • Kazakhstan’s ministry of emergency situations names him “hero”.

A man in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan has warmed many hearts with his heroic act of saving a three-year-old girl from falling from a height of at least 100-feet, The Independent reported. 

The mother of the little girl had gone shopping when she climbed out the window with the help of cushions and toys. As a result, she was seen hanging from the window, only using her fingers to cling to it.  

The good samaritan, Shontakbaev Sabit, was reportedly on his way to work when he spotted a crowd staring up at the toddler in horror.

In the clip, Sabit can be seen stepping out of the window right below the window out of which the toddler was hanging. As she clung to the edge, Sabit urged the girl to let go so he could catch her.

Seconds later, as Sabit tugged on her leg, she could be seen letting go. Sabit can then be seen catching her quickly and handing over the kid to someone waiting inside. 

According to the Independent, he was named a hero and given a medal by Kazakhstan’s ministry of emergency situations.

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