Mother leaps in front of car to save son.—Screengrab via Instagram/TRT

A mother’s quick thinking was recorded via a CCTV camera where she can be seen running to save her child from an oncoming car.

The child can be seen running towards the speeding car. The mother notices and rushes behind the three-year old, pulling him back. The car too hits the brake and the child is picked up by the mother.

TRT posted the footage from May 18, reporting that the incident occurred somewhere in Brazil.

Social media users were touched and sent a lot of love for the mother.

“A mother’s unconditional love,” a user said with a heart emoji.

“Mother is a warrior,” echoed another.

“Strength of mother, unmatched by any other,” another poetically chimed in.

A user pointed how kids are unpredictable. “Kids are so random,” they said.

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