Mother saves child from oncoming truck.— Screengrab via Instagram/@hindustantimes

A viral video shows a spine-chilling road accident where a mother and her baby almost get crushed under a massive oncoming truck.

Three people can be seen travelling on a motorbike on a two-way road: a man, a woman, and a child. They could be seen carrying some cans as well.

As the bike bumps into a car, it loses its balance and the woman falls off with her child. It is clear from the footage that her first instinct was to instantly save the baby from being run over by the truck.

She quickly grabs the child by his clothes and pulls him towards herself.

In the video, it can be seen that both the child and the mother escaped death by a few centimetres and milliseconds.

The incident could have been very different had the mother not been quick in her action.

This miraculous incident and the love of a mother are being applauded on the internet. The video has already garnered 796k views.

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