Man buries monkey.—Screengrab via Instagram/NDTV

In a rare video, people were seen burying a monkey and giving it a proper funeral in Madhya Pradesh, India.

The sound of a traditional drum beating could be heard in the background. Several bystanders watch a man carefully stepping into a grave and placing the deceased monkey deep inside. 

The video garnered more than 5,000 likes within an hour.

Many found it adorable and their hearts were touched. Others found it unnecessary and ironic. 

“This is the best example of humanity,” a user said.

“Every living thing deserves respect #RIP,” chimed in another.

One user said: “Things only Hinduism can teach.”

Another pointed out how humans are not respected the same way in the state.

“Wow, killing people and burying animals, it can only happen in Mad Pradesh,” he said. “A state where humans get killed and thrashed and animals get a burial.”

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