Do you dream of food while sleeping and even in your waking hours? Welcome to the foodies club. We are enamoured by good food all the time but cooking to enjoy our favourite food can seem like a task, especially right after waking up in the morning. Only if we could have ‘breakfast in bed’ every morning, that too handed over to us by someone. While many of us can’t enjoy this luxury every day, this panda seems to be indulging in this sweet pleasure, and foodies on the internet are almost jealous. 

The adorable video shared by ‘Buitengebieden’ on Twitter, shows a panda sleeping peacefully on a pile of woods in a zoo. Then a worker comes over and tries to wake him up by poking him with a carrot. After a couple of nudges, the panda starts tossing and turning, and the moment he wakes up, he sees the carrot and grabs it immediately. Then the panda can be seen chomping away his wake-up snack. The video is aptly captioned: “Wake up! Snack time.” 

Watch it here: 

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The panda video has got 862k views already, and more than 40k likes and thousands of comments. While the sizeable and lazy panda melts our heart, the internet is relating the video to their wish of having their snacks served to them just this way. Comments like these are pouring in:  

“Wake me up like this, with food!” 

“I want to love my life like this Panda.  Wake me up only when you have a snack.” 

“Must be reincarnated as a panda”  

“Being woken up and someone passing you food ….. heaven!” 

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Many users are finding the video relatable as they do the same with their kids and pets. 

Do you get to enjoy your wake-up snack right in your bed? Or is this something you only wish for? 

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