Since the release of Quordle, a spinoff of the viral online game Wordle, players have put their skills to the test, as they can now find the answer to four different puzzles everyday.

Compared to Wordle, which was purchased by The New York Times last January, the goal and format of Quordle remain the same. Players can guess five-letter words, and after each guess, the tiles will turn green, yellow, or grey to show if they have entered the correct letters to the puzzle.

However, in Quordle, players have to guess four five-letter words at the same time in order to win. They have nine tries to answer all four words correctly. So, when you type in a guess, you’re guessing a word for all of the four, different word puzzles.

A new Quordle game will be available to players every day, just like Wordle. So what’s the correct words for today’s Quordle, game #94

Spoilers for game 94 below:

The answers are: FOYER, PRONE, STERN, and SHEEN.

On social media, many Quordle players have expressed how tough they thought the puzzle was.

“Give it a try… can be challenging, depends heavily on start word(s),” one person tweeted, while another said: “I’m not playing this game again #devastated.”

Other players were pleased with how they did on the game: “Crushed it,” one wrote, while another said: “Good one today.”

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