Dogs are one of the most adored pet animals, and we all love to watch cute doggo and pup videos online. However, there are certain scenarios when dogs may end up being quite violent and attack you. Many dog bite attacks can end in fatal injuries or even loss of life in some rare cases. However, before we tell you how to address a dog attack case, it is necessary to understand why these otherwise adorable canines attack you in the first place.

Why Do Dogs Attack?

According to The Conversation, dogs usually resort to rare violent behaviour because they are acting on fear or anxiety rather than aggression. Researchers have mentioned that since humans first domesticated and trained dogs to be their pets and companions, the canine’s natural behaviour has been shaped so they can share homes and environments with humans. But we cannot breed or train all of a dog’s natural instincts, and many will protect their space and will escalate their response if they feel threatened, reports The Conversation.

Speaking to WBUR, Marjie Alonso, a professional dog trainer and executive director of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC), said that one breed of dog is not more aggressive than another. “What we can observe is that dogs that are highly aroused in terms of excitation, in terms of prey drive [or] in terms of protection will then kind of ramp up and the switch just flips, and that’s when dogs are really dangerous, especially in groups,”

How To Escape A Dog Attack?

To avoid a potential dog attack, Alonso says, stand still, look down, and break eye contact with the animal. This method is effective only if you are able to keep from screaming. Another method is standing your ground and walking directly toward the dog. This way, the canine understands that you are nothing to chase and that your presence threatens them.

In the case of a dog attack, follow these steps:

  • Get something between you and the dog. For example, an umbrella, a car, a garbage pail, or a blanket.
  • Firmly tell the approaching dog a familiar cue, such as “sit” or “stay.”
  • Toss a large handful of treats or eatables on top of the dog’s head to startle them. The bigger the “treat bomb,” the more time you have to walk away.
  • If there is a dragging leash around the dog, you can loop the leash around an object like a fence or pole and pull on the handle. Do not put your face near the dog’s face while doing so.
  • Remember not to scream, run, or make eye contact with the dog.
  • If you do get attacked, it is necessary that you seek immediate medical attention and address any wounds.

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