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Below Deck Sailing Yacht (Bravo at 8) Ashley is upset that she didn’t get a promotion, and Gary is back on the prowl, to the dismay of Ashley and Daisy.

Better Call Saul (AMC at 9) The first half of Season 6 concludes when Jimmy and Kim deal with a hitch in their plan. The season is scheduled to return July 11.

We Own This City (HBO at 9) Suiter is at odds with the police at a crime scene. Task force officers present new evidence, and federal agents prepare their charges.

Don’t Forget the Lyrics! (Fox at 8) Niecy Nash hosts the revival of this game show, where contestants test their ability to remember different tunes.

Welcome to Wedding Hell (Netflix) A South Korean drama about a couple who must navigate the tricky costs and social graces of their upcoming wedding.

All American (CW at 8) Spencer has trouble focusing on the big game. Billy and Olivia try to do the right thing, and Layla is stunned by a work development.

The Neighborhood (CBS at 8) Marty is about to propose, and Calvin and Tina try to find the best way to honor their future daughter-in-law’s heritage at the festivities.

Bob Hearts Abishola (CBS at 8:30) Abishola is called back to the church by a charismatic new pastor, and Bob tries to keep Goodwin content at work after he’s snubbed for a bonus.

All American: Homecoming (CW at 9) Simone struggles with her place on the tennis team, and Thea deals with bad news. Damon and JR are at odds because of an interim coach.

NCIS (CBS at 9) The team risks everything to clear Parker’s name after he’s framed for murder.

NCIS: Hawai’i (CBS at 10) Milius is still a looming presence with Tennant and the team, even after the prisoner exchange is completed. Whistler makes a last-ditch effort to get back in Lucy’s good graces.

Prehistoric Planet (Apple TV Plus) This BBC-produced documentary, narrated by David Attenborough, re-creates the natural life of dinosaurs on Earth. One new episode premieres each day of the week.

Beat Shazam (Fox at 9) Season 5.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 (Netflix) Season 2.

Tonight Show/Fallon (NBC at 11:34) Miles Teller, Sadie Sink, Turnstile.

Late Show/Colbert (CBS at 11:35) Jennifer Connelly, Patti LuPone.

Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC at 11:35) Tom Hiddleston, D’Arcy Carden, Supergrass.

Late Late Show/Corden (CBS at 12:37) Kaley Cuoco, Glen Powell, Bloc Party.

Late Night/Meyers (NBC at 12:37) Billy Crystal, Samara Weaving, Ulf Mickael Wahlgren.

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