New Delhi: Nearly 300 endangered turtles were released into the Chambal river in Etawah on the eve of World Turtle Day, officials said on Sunday. During the event, about 300 hatchlings of red-crowned roofed turtle (Batagur Kachuga) and three-striped roofed turtle (Batagur dhongoka) were released into the river on Sunday, they said.

The programme was organized jointly by the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA), an international turtle conservation organization, and leading apparel company Turtle Limited.

A memorandum of understanding (MoA) was also signed between the two parties on this occasion. According to the MoA, Turtle Ltd will support TSA India’s turtle conservation projects under its corporate social responsibility.

Dr Saurabh Dewan, Development Researcher at TSA, said, “TSA India programme is managed by Indian conservation biologists, scientists and researchers. This organization seeks local solutions to save the turtles. TSA is working in terai area of several states for conservation of turtles.”

He said that “Chambal Conservation Project” was started in 2006. 

“It is one of the major projects started jointly with the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department to conserve two endangered species of freshwater turtles namely red-crowned roofed turtle and three-striped roofed turtle in the area around Chambal,” he added.

Arunima Singh, Project Officer, TSA India, said, “The nests of turtles are preserved in hatcheries along the banks of the river to prevent them from predators. When hatchlings come out of the egg, they are immediately released in the river near their birth site.” 

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