In a dystopian world wakes a wrecked warrior, reeking of dirt and wrath. Risen from the ashes, he calls for justice to be served fast. His mind is baffled from the pain but he keeps on writing in disdain. He is Talha Anjum of Young Stunners fame and alongside his partner Talha Yunus, as well as Bilal Ali of Kashmir, the trio is rioting in the music video of their first collaboration and latest track, Aazma Le.

The number is a harmonious marriage between rap and pop, eliciting feelings of love, pain, rage and rumble. Prompting the listeners to be inspired by the talent at their disposal, it humbles them while making them feel empowered. The artists play vigilantes as they unite to topple a seemingly regressive regime, reminiscent of our very own capitalist world. They speak of being used, abused and rising above all materialistic demands of society.

It is safe to say Young Stunners are yet to disappoint with their songwriting and Bilal, yet to fall short on sur. His is a unique tone, soothing in nature and hardly ever jarring. While the Stunners build up an overwhelming bridge, Bilal blows a breath of fresh air with his chorus in the song that talks about putting your skills to the test while owning your scars and rewriting destiny.

Aazma Le is yet another Young Stunners track hinting at the rap duo’s rags to riches life. But the growth Bilal has had over the years as a disciplined performer is also prevalent from his presence in the song. He is perhaps among the most consistent artists of the millennial generation, and getting the opportunity to lend his voice to Aazma Le is just another feather in his cap.

The music video is otherworldly, much like Kashmir’s Khwaab. It demonstrates the power of union, acceptance and resistance. Directed by Abdul Wali Baloch, it is produced by Salman Noorani with exquisite frames by Director of Photography Abid Rizvi. There is use of visual effects and CGI courtesy of Hasaan Raheel. The song, albeit, is mixed and mastered by Jokhay, with chorus lyrics by Bilal and Zahid Qureshi.

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